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Atlantic Pest Control of Atlantic, Iowa, servicing southwest Iowa for nearly three decades and counting.

We pride ourselves in specialized residential properties as well as commercial real estate.

Please call (712) 243-6900 to discuss a free estimate for your customized service.

YES!  We are YOUR pest control consultant.

Have You had these creepy suckers invade your home?  Atlantic pest control has the complete solution for you.
We will:
  • Come to you and confirm bed bugs
  • Educate you on what to do, watch for
  • Treat all the places where they like to hide and place monitoring devices around in all rooms
  • Use a growth regulator and a killer that has a multi-week residual
  • Follow product labels 100% for your safety
From detection to completion time usually 3- 4 weeks, 100% eradicated

In some extreme cases where heat is needed to treat bed bugs, Atlantic Pest Control will work with BedBug Chasers of Cedar Rapids, IA.

Atlantic Pest Control will follow up with a residual treatment and monitor the situation as long as needed
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